The Willows Primary School

Pyle Hill, Greenham Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 7SJ

01635 42155

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The School Term Dates listed below are obtained from berkshire County Council. Most schools will follow these dates. Independent schools will set their own dates. Please also be aware that school's may have additional days (training days) during the year when your child is not required to be in school.
Term 1
4th September, 2013
24th October, 2013
Term 2
5th November, 2013
20th December, 2013
Term 3
7th January, 2014
14th February, 2014
Term 4
24th February, 2014
3rd April, 2014
Term 5
22nd April, 2014
23rd May, 2014
Term 6
2nd June, 2014
23rd July, 2014

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